Welcome to this edition where we shall discuss why man fail to live to 120 years,the factors that affect his lifespan and how he can correct his ways of life and living.


From the Holy Scripture in the book of Genesis chapter 6, there we find God reducing man’s lifespan to 120 years due to his iniquity.But the big question today is even after the reduction of his lifespan,the average man dies between 50-60 years half or less than half the expected lifespan?.Why is the lifespan too short for man?.In the next paragraph we are going to learn the factors that has greatly contributed to the reduction of man’s llifespan


This is one of the three major factors that has contributed to lower the lifespan and increase the death rate to mankind.Mostly these incidences happens during festival season such Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Independence Day and other ceremonial functions like football, basketball, Change of Governments after elections etc.In these occasions, people tends to be over excited and many drinks a lot of alcohol and over excited and eventually they drive under the influence of alcohol leading to unnecessary accidents causing untimely death of people.And lot of people have died in such situations before their time.


A huge number of People has died untimely death due to Sexual Transmitted Diseases such as HIV/AlDS,STIs etc.These diseases killed a lot of people especially before they introduced ARVs which prolong the immunity system of a human being.Many people died especially in villages where they could inherity even a widow or widower as a way of cleansing such a person.If the widow was infected she could transmit the virus to the other person who could also infect another.This tragedy has the tangeable effects to lower the lifespan of man


This is the major player or factor in reducing man’s lifespan and about 75% of diseases worldwide is as a result of what we eat and subject our lives to.All diseases except the Sexual Transmitted one such as HIV/AIDS.Name them, Cancer, diabetes,Heart attacks, Kidney failure,Lung Cancer,etc all these are as a result of either what we drink, smoke and what we eat.Most foods we buy from supermarkets are processed, coloured, waxed and ripened with chemical processes and after we eat them now we are wondering where these diseases and we are dying of these cancers, Heart attacks, Diabetes and many diseases associated with diet.75% of goods we eat are not organic and not suitable for human consumption as they have a huge negative impact on the human lifespan.Today people rare chickens and within a Month chickens are ready for consumption and we are buying because they look good in the Supermarkets and we expect to live up to 120 years?.

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In conclusion,I would say the lifespan of every individual depends on his or her ways of life,the attitude and above all what we eat shapes our lives.Lastly am advising each and everyone reading this article to try and purchase the C24/7 products as they are very essential to Longevity of lifespan and cures deadly diseases such as cancer.If you have any questions or comments leave them in the box below I will be more than happy to attend to them,yours


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