There are a lot of myths when it comes  to buy the second hand cars or used cars and before I go into the details of this niche let me highlight a few points people believe in which are not the case.

Look at these two cars below.This is one of the things many people consider most when buying the used car and they think the newer the number plate the good condition of the car.There are other important aspects that matters most when it comes to choose and buy a second hand car and this is what all BUYERS SECOND HAND CARS must check to avoid deceptions.For instance,you buy a 15 year old BMW from England and you live in Africa, Zambia to be precise what number plate do you think it will be registered under?. your guess is as good as mine and am sure by now it may have clicked your mind already that Number plate is out of equation or not a major factor you should consider when you want to buy a second hand car.. Practical example I want you to look at these two Volvo cars below one is in Japan on sale as second hand cars and the other one in Zambia Africa and am the owner

Look at these two  cars above confirm with what am talking about.The black Volvo S 40 2002 model has 175,755 mileage and it’s on sale and when this car is bought and the buyers happens to be from another country or continent,the car will be registered under the current number plate and the onlookers will think Mr X has bought a New car yet the car has moved for 5 to 10 years.On the other hand the other car silver Green Volvo S40 2003 model is my car and it was registered in Zambia in 2014 in the tourist capital Livingstone and since it’s registration here in Zambia am the third person to own this car and if we presume that in Sweden it was owned by one person that will make it four owners.This car has been in Zambia for four years and has 150,000 mileage compared to the other one with 175,755 mileage.Assuming this car is bought by one of the buyers second hand cars here is Zambia its will be given number plate e.g BCB 1844 but when you compare between the two mine with old number plate AJC 9931 with 150,000 mileage and the the recent one BCB 1844.When you look between the two numbers plates AJC is an old number but has lower mileage compared to the BCB1844 a new number but higher mileage.This is what explain the wrong impression people have on number plates when it comes to buy used cars.


From the illustration given above its quite clear that the issue of number plates is out of equation in as far as buying a second hand car is concerned.Buyers second hand cars must know that and it’s now that they should focus on something that is more helpful to avoid being swindled by some of these craft car dealers.Let look at mileage first.

Mileage determines the price at which the car can be sold and the lower it is the higher the car cost and vice versa.This is one major factor buyers second hand cars should consider.There has been a number of cases where the mileage has been tempered by some car dealers to lower it by changing the speedometer and odometer in an attempt to hike the price of the car but such cases are slim.All the same buyers second hand cars must check the mileage and if there is any temper to the speedometer or odometer.This is very important exercise before you go into any transaction.

Its very important to check the engine but again what do you look for when checking the engine?.It’s important to understand what you are looking for.When checking the engine ensure that the engine number or chassis numbers corresponds to what is on the white book.Check whether the car was involved in any accident and find out the reason for selling the car.Ensure seller has all necessary documents for the car and if the seller is not the one appears on the car documents ensure that he has the letter of sale or original documentations from the legally owner of the car or check it with Ant-motor theft department in that country.If you are not conversant with cars go with your own trusted mechanic to check the car and he should listen attentively to the sound of the engine especially when you start it.You must go for road test for some good kilometres and definitely you will be able to judge by yourself the condition of the car

Lastly and in my conclusion as I mentioned in the previous paragraphs buyers second hand cars must take keen interest when they want to purchase a second hand car or a used one.In my presentation I have showed you how the issue of a number plate no matter how recently registered cannot guarantee the condition of the car.I showed you an example of two cars to justify my article.Buyers second hand cars should check the mileage and if the speedometer or odometer was tempered or not and they must ensure that the engine number or chassis numbers corresponds to one on the white book.They must check the service history of the car and whether it was involved in any accident minor or major.

If they have no or little knowledge about cars buyers second hand cars must go with their own trusted mechanics to inspect the car before any transaction can take place and only when are satisfied with the merchandise can they commence their transactions.In that way only can they avoid being swindled or sold a scrap .

Thank you for taking your time to read this article if you have questions or comments leave them below I will be more than happy to respond to you, best regards

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