.Before I get into the details of “FIND DREAM JOBS” or “FIND YOUR DREAM JOB”,i would like to state a number of factors that leads to many people being unemployed despite having necessary qualifications or qualified for the job and these are as follows;






*How Pride Affect Dream Job

*Many graduates or people with PhDs, Degrees and highly qualified finds themselves in a predicament of unemployed in most cases because they lack the vision or pride grips their hearts.They tend to think what people would think of them if they get a job below their qualifications.Take for example,if you’re an accountant by profession then a security firm e.g G4S is employing security officers who will be guarding a Bank or a Supermarket.You would want a job since you’re not doing anything but the fear of what people would talk about you especially that you hold a degree or something similar grips your heart,pride begins to rule you over and eventually you don’t get the job and you remain jobless with your qualifications due to Pride. They    apply for positions which the people receive their letters holds and sometimes the people they apply to don’t even have the qualifications they have and eventually their application letters lands into the dust bins with the word that “we will call you”.As a result many have been frustrated some ending up into shoddy deals for survival.

*Lack of Vision/Goals

*In whatever you do in life you need to set up goal.You need to have a vision and work towards that, nothing comes on a silver plate.Most of these people thinks that since they possess qualifications and academic documents they will easily find their dreams jobs.In this error of high level of unemployment,no job security due to number of factors for one to find your dream job you need to set goals in life and strategize on how to achieve your objectives and goals.You have to be a fighter and never changes goal posts in life or else you will never achieve your goals and remains at the same point.In every week,Month or year you need to set goals and priorities and work towards that then at the end of it all you have to evaluate your achievements and works on your shortcomings only then will you reach your target goal

*How To Find Your Dream Job

*When you want to Find Your Dream Job, first you have to list a number of companies where your services could be highly appreciated and where you can work deligently to the best of your knowledge.Do not aim to climb the ladder from the top but from the bottom,it’s you who knows how much you are worthy.The most important is to be in the system first and once you’re in you can now start to show your potential and capabilities eventually within the short period you will Find Your Dream Job at last.


Once you’re in the system you have to set goals and work towards achieving that.Find your Dream Job will eventually become a reality when you work towards your goals.For example you join the G4S security firm as a security guard and you work one day you see an internal advert for Theaccountant.You ask your boss about the same add but the boss asks you if you have a relative who is an accountant,you tell the boss that actually despite working as a guard you’re a qualified accountant.Your is amazed and asks you to bring the paper for proof and the following day you take the papers.The boss is now shocked at your papers again at your humility and because they already know you at work, without delay they offer you the job and last you have your dream job.Everyone is shocked to discover that you didn’t deserve the job you were doing and your immediate supervisor now calls you boss.You got your dream job because Pride did not rule over you.The people in your community those who looked down on you are now shocked because the company now gave you personal to holder company vehicle


*In conclusion,I would like to say never mind what people may think about you because at the end of the day they will not provide you cash to pay your bills,in whatever you do people will always have something to say.Dont let pride hinder your progress, always set goals in life and work towards achieving your goals.Nevee change goal posts at the middle of the game as you may never reach your target.If you have questions leave your comments below I will be more than happy to get back to you, thanks your friend


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