Starting your own business is seen as a huge task and quite an impossible one  especially if you’re financially disabled considering the demands and a number of legal requirements by the local authorities you have to meet and the huge sum of finances you have to spend.Besides that  to establish the business on its own you need capital,Skills) expertise and labour.Its very involving and it’s for this reason many people despite having ambitions to start their own businesses quit before they even start.Capital becomes their obstacle in their quest to start a successful business.


From the previous paragraph we have seen that there are number of factors that plays major roles when starting a business and capital becomes the major player.This means if you’re financially or poverty stricken you can not afford starting your own business and you will end up working for others and be subjected to slavery wages and salaries and work for your entire life.In this article,I want to show you how to start your own business for free and achieve financial freedom.I want also to state that hard work and dedication is also the major ingredients to achieve a successful business


Before I show you how to start online business for free,I want to briefly explain to you why online business is the best platform if you want to start your own business without undergoing numerous legal requirements by the local authorities which demands huge sums of money such as Trading license of the products you will be selling, rates for building or rentals if it’s a rented property, payments for your workers in line with the Statutory Instruments etc.All these factors makes it very difficult to start your own business and because of such obstacles, online network marketing business becomes an option for the business.Without much worries to the issues I raised in the previous paragraph,you can start your own business online without capital or less income depending on the business category you choose and make money without selling or selling a product and this will be our main focus for this Niche today.


Creating a website is our first step to start online business for free in this niche.There are many website hosts online that offers website platforms where you can create one and in this niche I would like to talk about one website hosts  which is 99?tter, reliable and trustworthy that I can recommend to others knowing very much that they will benefit much as I did.


Wealthy Affiliate is the best website hosts I do recommend where you can create your own website for free and most importantly its a school on its own as you will be guided on how to go and what to do to have a successful online business for free.You will join for free and create two free Websites.At Wealthy Affiliate there are experts (gurus)in online business at your disposal who are very much available to give you a hand and guide you through each lesson to achieve your business successfully.Once you join as a free member you will have access to the co founders Mr Carson and Kyle for the first seven days of your membership.Here at Wealthy Affiliate there are no experience or expertise required to start your own business but if you have skills and knowledge on the business,well and good as it’s an added advantage on your part.Wealthy Affiliate provides free schooling and this is the more beautiful the site is compared to the others especially if you’re a newbie or a person who is totally new or no ideas on how to go about online business.Just within Wealthy Affiliate you will be taught on how to make money online for free without selling anything,how to build a successful online business and attain financial freedom    For more information on how to join you click the link below.Wealthy Affiliates


There a number of advantages to business than to the ordinary business as discussed in the two previous paragraphs.To establish and run an ordinary business one need to have capital to acquire legal requirements or documents to start the business.One need to employ individuals to run the affairs of the business which is a cost on the part of the business.There are many factors that are disadvantages to this kind of business than the online business.To run such a business you need to have skills or expertise in such a business or employees will take advantage of your incapability and steals from your business which will lead losses or even a possible closure.The demands also affect your business as you have only a handful size of customers to your business depending on the site allocation of the business but the online business billions of people visits your site and eventually you earn income either by selling the product, service or just by recommending other products or services to the others.


In my conclusion on How To Start Online Business for Free,I would recommend everyone who want to start business but has no capital to try online business through Wealthy Affiliate.There are many website hosts out there who provides same or similar services but I recommend you to try Wealthy Affiliate especially if you have no online business skills and expertise to run the business,here at Wealthy Affiliate we have experts and highly qualified and experienced men and women who are more than willing to help you achieve your goals and objectives as you strive to establish a successful online marketing business.Do not feel shy or afraid try this out remember the journey to one thousand miles begins with one step.Dont feel too comfortable working for the companies as you can never attain financial freedom by working because they will only exploits you, subjecting you to a slavery wages and salary making the employer rich and you poor for the rest of your life.If you have any questions or comments kindly leave them below I will be more than happy to attend to you.

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