In this Niche “I wish That I Knew I know now” am going to show you how and why many people end up with such regrettable actions after realising what they could have done then when opportunities and resources or necessary tools were at their disposal, later they end up regretting blaming themselves and say ‘I wish That I Knew I Know Now’.There are a number of such situations in our day to day activities and if you can’t decide properly and make a firm decision in life then definitely you will be among those who would say How I wish I knew or I wish that I knew I know now.Briefly I would love to share with you a short discussion I had with five different African women who had dates or relationships with men for the purpose of marriage and they all ended up with heartbroken but after hearing their stories I gave them some insight about what Men look or expect to see in a Woman he would love to marry especially a typical African man.After my little advice,they all said”I wish that I knew I know now” and this what am going to discuss in my niche this hour.Three of these ladies had sex with their partners and two never had sex but their partners all left and they remained heartbroken.


Some people think Sex is the basis for marriage and as long as you satisfy your man sexually then it’s guarantee that he will marry you and become his wife but on the contrary,it’s not as you have seen in the previous paragraph on Introduction we find that both women who had sex and those who didn’t were all left alone by their partners.This gives us a clue to dig deeper as what really men want during dating and courtships.There are a number of factors men consider in a relationship before they finally decide who should be their life partner and I will briefly discuss each one of them


This is one factor Men consider when into dating or courtship,they would want to marry a person who loves them the way they are and not what they own and to achieve this they carefully analyse every step they take with conscious, unlike in the Western world where most marriages are on contracts, Africans consider marriage as a lifetime convenant and any wrong choice or decision can cost one happiness for lifetime hence the need to carefully scrutinize your partner.At this stage most Men do not show off their true identity especially if they are Wealthy or comes from a well to do family and they do this to see if the woman would truly love them when they are poor as they believe that when a woman loves you in a poor situation then it means true love because there is nothing else attractive to them like material things as they would think you’re poor.Again they believe if they show off their Wealthy status it can be difficult to know and differentiate between who loves them genuinely and who’s just there for their Wealthy status and if not carefully scrutinized they may end up regretting that I wish I knew that I know now


African Men value family as they believe also is extended families,and this is another contributing factor they consider when choosing a wife.They would want a wife who can take care of their families and who will love them.In order to achieve this men usually ask their partners certain questions as though he’s against his family just to hear your contribution and if you’re not clever enough to read between the lines you will be caught in a web as you speak against his family thinking that you’re on his side yet deep down his heart looks at you as a woman who can’t look after his family.e.g he will ask something like,”sweetheart do you remember the story I told you that my uncle used to mistreat me when I was staying with him now today he’s asking me to give him some cash just imagine” and if you’re a fool you will answer towards his line of thinking e.g “Honey, don’t give him he’s has now started thinking about you just because you’re working. Just that he will know he’s Dating a wrong person who will never look after his family and eventually you will remain heartbroken as he will quit that relationship.The wise woman would just say “honey you should learn to forget and forgive as those are your own relatives and such kind of response from a lady you’re Dating gives you hope to finding a lifetime partner who can easily take care of the family.


Every man wants a helping hand,a woman who can help him to solve problems but most women tends to pile more problems than solving them.In this error where economy is biting and employment is scarce one needs partner who is capable of helping him to solve problems.Unlike Western women, most African women like copying Western cultures and forgets their traditions and culture.They like spending money on petty issues than Investing.They would buy extension hairs such as Brazilian, Indian hair etc.Likes living luxurious and fictitious life and very few are content of what God created them and men don’t like women who likes spending anyhow.Most of them can’t think of long term investment but good in spending, backbiting, slandering and character assassination.They are too religious but not spiritual and most of them gather before some of these false prophets to seek marriages and miracles,they expect miracles to happen in their life yet they forget that God said”for man to eat he must first sweat”. Nothing comes on silver plate as you have to work or invest


In trying to find a suitable life partner men tend to be boring and the woman sees her partner as a person who is too economical,stingy and outdated and they opt to another date and eventually they find a man who is ready to spend and in most cases men who are big spenders are hit and run because they have no time to serious date as their main objective is just sex and leave.In such cases women leaves men who are in relationship for marriage in preference to a big spender and after the spender gets want he wants he leaves and the woman is left heartbroken and she can’t go back to the former partner.She thinks and say”I wish I knew that I know now”.


In most cases,the ” I wish I knew that I know now” is a phrase commonly used by people who missed opportunities and they wish they could have done them when they had opportunity but they regret for not doing that.Same applies to both partners in dating or courtship they need to take necessary measures to act when opportunities presents to them.Never leave opportunities remember time is money and you have to act wisely to avoid regrets at so point in life.  If you have contributions or comments leave them below I will be more than happy to attend to you, your friend Thomas

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