The Task for writing articles or blogs when running an online website is quite involving and challenging when you don’t have the right tools.A one thousand miles journey becomes hectic, tiresome and takes several hours when riding on a bike but the same journey only takes few hours when driving.This is all because the other one (bike) is using the old mode of transportation compared to the one using modern mode of transport (car).

This figurative illustration is the perfect example of doing things when it comes to Network Marketing Business such as running a Website.To run a successful online business (website) one need access to the right information, essential skills, trainings and proper tools.To run a successful website you have to write relevant articles by using LOW COMPETITIVE KEYWORDS to get easy instant ranking.You have to know how competitive a keyword is and that can only be attained when you have the right tools at your disposal.Today am going to briefly talk about one of the BEST KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOL ONLINE.


As I mentioned in my previous paragraph, writing an article rich in relevant keywords you need to have the right tools at your disposal and this is where Jaaxy comes into force.JAAXY is an online Keyword finder tool or a niche Keyword finder.When you enter a keyword into Jaaxy search it gathers and collect data from three search engines i.e GOOGLE,BING and YAHOO.It finds a low competitive Keyword which makes it easy for instant ranking into Google search engines.Jaaxy shows how competitive a keyword is.

Unlike other Keyword research tools,Jaaxy will show you how much TRAFFIC you can get for the chosen particular Keyword.When sign up,Jaaxy anables you building to do list for your website which you can revisit later and write another article for your website.


Jaaxy is the best tool for the following categories


When you enter a keyword into Jaaxy search tool it will also provides or suggests you with similar closely related keywords or phrases.Such information forces you to dig deeper to search and come up with the the best Keyword that will lead you to create and write a relevant article that can easily be ranked into search engines such as Google,Bing and Yahoo.


.Carson and Kyle are the co founder and owner of Jaaxy and the two Gentlemen are the founders of Wealthy Affiliate.They have dedicated their time and energy to provide guidance and essential skills or tools to every member within Wealthy Affiliate Community on how best one can start to run a successful online marketing business and one of the best tool they have invented is Jaaxy.


.AVG (MONTHLY SEARCH):This is the number of searches a keyword has per month in Google,Bing and Yahoo

.QSR(QUOTE SEARCH RESULTS):This shows the number of pages that are competing for the same Keyword or Niche.The lower the figure the better especially for Newbies you have to aim for a keyword or niche that is lower than 100

.KQI(KEYWORD QUALITY INDICATOR):The Keyword quantity indicator show you the status of the Keyword.Green colour is Great while Yellow is Good and red is poor


Jaaxy provides you with such information that will anable you writing a relevant article that will be easily ranked to the search engines such as Google,Bing and Yahoo.Your article will lead to more traffic which eventually transform into cash.Try Jaaxy by clicking here and join as a free member


In conclusion I would like to recommend online marketers especially Newbies to try Jaaxy as it’s a powerful tool that can help you to run a successful online marketing business or website.You can first sign up as a free member and Jaaxy provides you 30 free searches.Any successful online marketing business especially where writing articles, pages or post is concerned you need a powerful Keyword search tool that will provide you with relevant niches or Keywords that are essential and vital in building up articles that can easily be ranked by Google,Bing and Yahoo.Jaaxy stands the best when it comes to niche research.Try use this powerful best niche and Keyword research tools and thanks to Çarson and Kyle for inventing such a wonderful tool like Jaaxy.If you have a question or a comment please leave it below and I will be happy to get back to you within the shortest possible time,thanks your friend


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