Today I will show you Qualities Good Manager or The Qualities of a Good Manager.Remember,a Manager is a person entrusted or given the responsibility to run the affairs of the business on behalf of the owners or shareholders.He or she runs the business with a view of making profit for the owners who are the shareholders.To run a profitable business and achieve it one needs to possess certain Qualities and humility.

*Operational Techniques

A Manager doesn’t do the actual or physical workforce but executive his/her duties through the subordinates who does the actual work.This is the main reason a manager needs to have certain Qualities to achieve the objectives or the purpose of the business.Qualities good manager is the key to a successful objectives of any business .The successful of any business depends on how Management treat their workers who are the people on the ground.In this niche”Qualities Good Manager” we shall dwell much on Management running Supermarket Stores and look at the Qualities of a good Manager.To identify the good qualities of a manager I would like to talk about things a manager shouldn’t do or a avoid at all cost

*Flirting around with the subordinates

This act usually happens when the manager involved is a male.In most cases,male manager takes advantage of female staff such as merchandisers, shelf Packers and cashiers.Induldging in Sexual relationships with the subordinates at a place of work as a manager is morally wrong.It affect the neutrality and fairness on the side of a manager especially when it comes to disciplinary decision when his girlfriend is involved.Flirting with your junior female staff is the worst thing you can do as a manager because a manager loses respects in the process and total control of the subordinates.Staff input deteriorate which affects the smooth running of the company.Qualities good manager does not indulge in illicit relationships at place of work as it could tarnish the image of the company and the reputation of the manager.


Favouritism mostly is based on tribe or relatives, tribalism and nepotism has the potential to ruin or affect the profitability and smooth running of the company.The sidelined hard working staff feel being neglected and eventually stops putting much effort resulting into less productivity and decrease in the company’s turnovers.Qualities good manager often avoids such acts as they have potential to ruin the credibility and moral standing of a store manager.Its natural to have favourites among the subordinates but it must be purely work related issues.For instance,some workers and hard workers and self supervision such workers do their workers under minimum or no supervision at all.Such workers it’s prudent that they become favourites,they do their work deligently such that any right thinking manager would want to have such workers in the company and favouritism based on such are justifiable.

*Selective Application of the Code of Conduct

This is one of the factors or practice that can bring divisions at the place of work.Same offenses committed at place of work regardless of who is involved must be treated with the same in line with its sanctions provided for in the company’s code of conduct.Fairness and transparency comes into play at this stage and only then will the manager quality to be called a good manager.Qualities good manager or the qualities of a good manager can be tried and tested on the performance and the application of the code of conduct as stated in annexure in line with its sanctions.Due to favouritism, nepotism and tribalism  some managers have turned into bad some even worst managers who eventually losses tatal control of his /her subordinates at place of work.A good manager avoids avoids such acts at all cost and earns self-respect and normally commands respect from the subordinates


All the above individual subheadings are to be avoided at all costs if one want to be a good manager.You must completely refrain yourself from bad habits that can ruin the image of the company.Qualities good manager can only be achieved if all the above subheadings are avoided and believe you me you will be a good manager who can ruin the company profitably as workers won’t feel negrected.Thanks for reading through this article if you have any comments or questions please feel free to leave a question below I will be glad to respond to you

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