*Why do I want to be my own boss,ths is an interesting and very important task one ought to take and in most cases one have to take a risk which must be carefully calculated before undertaking the decision.Before I take you into the details of this niche I would like to thank you for taking your precious time to read this post.


There are many reasons one would want to be his or her own boss depending on one’s current employment or carrier and some I will talk about them below as follows;

-Savery wages/Salary

This is one major factors people want to be their own bosses by starting running their own businesses.Most employees are subjected to slavery wages and salaries that can not sustain their needs but only to push them just for a next Month for another slavery wages.The salary becomes a hand to mouth and cannot sustain the family needs and wants

-Exploitation of Employees

Due to economic meltdown and financial challenges being experienced Globally,Employers have taken advantage of it and the have gone way miles to exploit employees to maximize their profits at the expense of poor and vulnerable workers.Employers are at Liberty to hire and fire which causes fire in the workers as their job security can no longer be guaranteed.Because of lack of employment,poverty and other challenges,people will have no choice but employed despite these inhumane conditions of servjust to have something to put on the table for the family


In order to maximize profit,most employers have realized that Staff cost is the high in percentage when conto expenses so in order to control it they have adopted the “EMPLOYMENT FREEZE”.When a worker resign or fired the don’t replace or employ unless in strategic positions but at the same time they still expect work or business operations to continue as normal.This force the remaining workers to manage extra tasks which lead to maximum load lead to a worker being overworked.

-Financial Freedom

Those who want to attain financial freedom realize that salary and wages can not guarantee that but the only thing that can take you to financial freedom is through investing in yourself and start running your own business where every time you spend into it will definitely yield good results.These are some of the few issues people want to be their own bosses


First and foremost you have to know that every employer wants employees who are royal and willing to work for the company for a longer period or many years regardless of the salary scale.They would want to use your expertise in the production or the smooth running of the business and any plans to leave the company may only benefit you if you’re ready to leave.What am trying to point at is that before your plans to leave the company are made known to your workmates you have had already planned and ready for the next step.The risks of revealing your Plato your fellows before the right time is that some of your workmates may betray you to your superiors who in return may terminate your contract on flimsy charges and it’s for this reason I insist on making a good calculated risk  towards achieving to be your own boss


This is one issue most of us fail to utilize effectively regardless of many experiences and knowledge we have but when opportunities presents to us we say I can do it,i can’t manage it.Look at this practical example of me.I worked in the Service Department (Bakery and Deli) in shoprite for Seven solid years.I know everything in this Department ranging from Production,recipes,confectionery etc.I worked as a Supervisor,Fresh Foods Manager and Sales manager.Now when you look at this scenario,we had to produce from raw to finished products and Sales but if you look at the other way round,the Department had 20 employees who used to do all these works.We had the doughnut fryer,oven,mixer,chips fryer etc. These equipments costs ranging from $178 to $4500,i imagine we agreed as a team to save $100 dollars per Month,how many equipments could we had to buy in  one year and start our own business? 

The answer is very obvious that we could have managed but the fear of the unknown and luck of courage,confidence in ourselves makes us to be burgers and being exploited by these so called investors.

In this niche of why do I want to be my own boss it’s important to plan properly and be ready to take some risks because most of those who made it in life are risk takers.


When you want to be your own boss,you have to plan properly and carefully and find the right people who can coach you in the right direction towards your goals.Never change or shifts goal posts as you can never reach your intended destination.I have never Read or come across a person who have attained financial freedom by drawing a Salary or wages which is enough indication that only through investing in yourself would you achieve the desires of your heart.Thank for taking time to go through my post if you have any questions or comments you can leave them below I will be more than happy to get back to you,your friend


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